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As part of our Handicap Software, we have access to the Master Scoreboard website. Some players with golf membership in the UK will already be familiar with this facility.

Using Master Scoreboard you can view; Recent Competition Results, Handicap List, Eclectics and Order of Merits.

You will also have your own Individual Playing History, Handicap Scores, Playing Analysis, Handicap Certificate and more. There´s no longer a need to ask for your last twenty scores or wonder what your handicap change will be after your last game.

There´s even a Mobile Site for those wishing to view this information on the move with smaller screens.

Any members yet to explore this facility can click on the link below and login by selecting their name on the list and enter the password that I´ll provide them with (on request). You then set your own password and you´re good to go!

UPDATE (31 March 2024). We now have 61 members that have registered for Master Scoreboard.

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